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~”Cut off her hands!”~

…the Devil demanded of the miller. "Or I will take you and your wife instead of her." Afraid for his life, the miller told his daughter what he was going to do at the Devil’s demand and begged her forgiveness. Then, she laid her hands over a tree stump, and the razor-sharp, iron-lipped ax fell on her wrists, severing her hands and changing her life forever...

"Just what the hell are you going on about, Maria?"

Breaking News Highlights

  • Signing Schedule at the 2014 Los Angeles Festival of Books (more)
  • Raw Dog Screaming Press to Release Mr. Wicker in 2014 (more)
  • Reading at Noir at the Bar on September 29, 2013 (more)
  • Speaking July 20, 2013 at the Southern California Writers Association (more)
  • Blood Bound Books releases Blood Rites: An Invitation to Horror (more)
  • "The Greatest Story Ever Interacted With" published in the WyrdCon Companion (more)